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The sections

Geotechnical Engineering & Geosciences

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The Geotechnical Engineering & Geosciences section focuses on teaching and research activities in the scientific and technological fields of Geotechnics & Geomechanics, Geological Engineering, Geology, Geohydrology, Cartography, Topography, Geophysics & Earthquake Engineering and other common fields.


Núria Pinyol Puigmartí

Hydraulic, Maritime & Environmental Engineering

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The Hydraulic, Maritime & Environmental Engineering section intends to teach and research in excellence in the scientific and technological fields of water and the environment, as it adequates to society's needs and within the benchmarks and values established by UPC-BarcelonaTech.


Vicente Gracia García

Transport Infrastructures & Territory

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The Transport Infrastructures & Territory section teaches at Barcelona School of Civil Engineering, coordinates the Ph.D. Program in Engineering & Transport Infrastructures and cooperates in different doctoral and master's degree's programs inside and outside UPC-BarcelonaTech. The section's activities are supported and sponsored by many entities, private and public, including the Abertis Chair and the CERCLE de Infrastructures Chair.


José Magin Campos Cacheda

Mathematical & Computational Modelling

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The main activity of the Mathematical & Computational Modelling section focuses on teaching, research and knowledge transference in the field of applied mathematics and statistics.


M. Rosa Estela Carbonell

Mechanics, Continuous Media & Structures


The Mechanics, Continuous Media & Structures section is in charge of coordinating the training, research and transference of technology in the scientific and technological fields of computational mechanics, advanced analysis of solids and structures, behaviour and design of materials, computational simulation of industrial processes and additive manufacture, and fluid problems with external and internal flows, among others.


Miguel Cervera Ruiz

Structures Technology, Materials & Construction

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The Structures Technology, Materials & Construction section develops its teaching and research activities within the analysis, design and construction of civil engineering structures (buildings, transportation infrastructures, historical patrimony constructions, off shore structures, etc.). In particular, it evaluates the safety, functionality, durability or recycling of structures and building materials by means of developing conceptual and numerical models, and laboratory testing.


Climent Molins Borrell