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Laboratory of Groundwater Hydrology

Located in Building D2 (First floor and ground floor) of UPC-BarcelonaTech's Campus Nord, the Laboratory of Groundwater Hydrology is part of the Geotechnical Engineering and Geosciences section of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. It focuses its activities on the improvement and protection of groundwater quality through experimental research that aims to study the hydrodynamic, geochemical and biological processes that occur in the subsoil. These research activities are complemented with numerical modeling techniques and theoretical development to provide, together with the experiments, a broad and deep understanding of environmental problems, which are complex in themselves and require a multidisciplinary vision.


Main teaching activities carried out:

  • Final bachelor's and master's theses.


The Laboratory of Groundwater Hydrology focuses its research activity on subsoil processes, including:

  • Bioclogging problems in artificial recharge.
  • Transport of pollutants in a porous medium.
  • Chaotic flow induction in porous medium.
  • Degradation of emerging pollutants.
  • Coastal dynamics and marine intrusion problems.
  • Geothermal energy and heat flow.