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Greetings from the Head of the Department


I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (DECA) of the UPC. This website is designed to be a link to the outside, giving visibility to the teaching and research activities carried out within the department. The intention is that it be an information (passive) and communication (active) tool towards the members of the department, current or potential students, the international academic community and society.

The department is very young, born in October 2015, formed by 6 sections that accumulate the history of the 6 departments (or departmental sections) that merged to give rise to a larger department, both in number of people and in its teaching and research activity. At the moment, the department receives teaching assignments from twelve teaching centers and from a UPC institute, which indicates the versatility of the Teaching and Research Personnel that form it. A very significant percentage of this teaching activity is assigned by Barcelona School of Civil Engineering, which is the reason why the UPC-Camins-BarcelonaTech Federation was established in 2016, promoted by our department and Barcelona School of Civil Engineering. In addition, the Transversal Unit for the Management of the Field of Civil Engineering (UTGAC), located in building B2 of the North Campus of the UPC, is part of this Federation, which is the common administration and services area for all academic units in the field of Civil Engineering.

One of the key points in every university department is the coordination of the research carried out mainly by the Teaching & Research Staff and the doctoral students or Teaching & Research Staff in training, with the fundamental support and involvement of the Administrative & Services Staff of the UTGAC, highlighting the personnel assigned to the different research laboratories. The Teaching & Research Staff of the department participate in a total of 25 research groups at the UPC. Of these research groups, 21 have a coordinator who belongs to our department. The Teaching & Research Staff also participates in 8 doctoral programs, thus promoting high-level research, presented in the form of doctoral theses, articles in high-impact international journals, and presentations at national and international conferences.

Kind regards on behalf of the management team and all the department staff.


Xavier Sanchez Vila
Head of the Department