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Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering & Geophysics Applied to Engineering

Located in Building D2 (Ground floor, Room 002) of the Campus Nord of UPC-BarcelonaTech, the Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering & Geophysics Applied to Engineering is part of the Geotechnical Engineering & Geosciences section of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. It is a UPC-BarcelonaTech service to support teaching, research and technology transfer. In the field of teaching, it provides support for practical and theoretical courses related to its own field in different engineering schools. As for research, it provides support to different research groups with the instruments it has available and with the necessary technical and personnel support. The transfer of technology consists in assessing and measure taking for those companies or administrations that request it, especially in the fields of vibration measurement and prospecting using georadar.


The teaching activity of the laboratory is developed as:

Laboratory sessions

In the laboratory the sessions corresponding to different degrees and masters are carried out on:

  • Geophysical techniques applied to the ground
  • Geophysical techniques applied to structures
  • Experimental studies on structural vibrations
Specialty theses

The activities related to the final bachelor's and master thesis carried out in the laboratory correspond to the research activities of the laboratory.


The main research activities carried out are:

  • Geophysical analysis of soil characteristics
  • Geophysical analysis of the characteristics of structures
  • Structural vibration analysis
  • Vibration control

Research activities are carried out in national and international projects, company assessment and doctoral theses.