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Laboratory of Maritime Engineering

Located in Building D1 of the Campus Nord of UPC_BarcelonaTech, the Laboratory of Maritime Engineering (LIM/UPC) is a non-profit public research entity, which is part of the Hydraulic, Maritime & Environmental Engineering section of DECA. Its objectives are the generation and transfer of knowledge and technology, research and the training of highly qualified professionals and researchers in the field of maritime engineering and marine sciences.

The lines of work are: coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics, climate and quality of the marine environment, oceanographic physics and engineering, coastal engineering and morphology, port engineering, and management of the coastal zone and coastal resources.

LIM/UPC has developed an advanced set of numerical models and has a laboratory and field infrastructure designed to carry out the experimental verification of the developed projects.


The main training activities carried out are:

  • Bachelor's degree laboratory activities.
  • Bachelor's final theses and master's degree projects from various UPC schools.
  • Doctoral theses.
  • Secondary school research projects.
  • Internships in the ERASMUS + program and in other student exchange modalities.


The main research activities carried out are:

  • National and European projects.
  • Participation in national and international research facilities networks.
  • Agreements with institutions and public and private companies.

Other activities carried out are:

  • Guided tours of the facilities.
  • Participation in the Open Days of Barcelona School of Civil Engineering, UPC-BarcelonaTech, etc.
  • Workshops to promote studies at Barcelona School of Civil Engineerin for secondary and high school students.
  • Activities and institutional events of the LIM, Barcelona School of Civil Engineering and UPC-BarcelonaTech.