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CIEMLAB, which is the infrastructure in which LIM-UPC carries out training, research and technology transfer based on experimentation with physical models at scale in the field of maritime and coastal engineering.

The main facilities are:

  • Maritime Research and Experimentation Wave Flume (CIEM) which is a large-scale wave flume to study currents and waves.
  • The small-scale wave flume (CIEMito).
  • A 3D testing pool (LaBassa).
  • Research dock.
  • Instrumental park.
  • Mechanical workshop.
  • Electronic workshop.
  • Machinery for the handling and movement of materials.
  • Granulometric laboratory.

An important part of the current research carried out is covered by the European project Hydralab+, which allows access to the canal's facilities to external researchers.

LIM/UPC is part of MARHIS, Maritime Aggregated Research Hydraulic Infrastructures (ICTS), which is a research infrastructure of the Spanish Ministry of Economy & Competitiveness.