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Laboratory of Technology of Structures & Materials "Lluis Agulló" (LATEM)

Located in Buildings C1 (Ground floor and Floors S1 and S2) and B1 (Ground Floor and Floor S1) of the North Campus of UPC-BarcelonaTech, the Laboratory of Technology of Structures & Materials "Lluis Agulló"" (LATEM) is part of the Structures Technology, Materials & Construction section of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (DECA). It carries out research, assessment and technology transfer activities in the construction field.

With more than 25 years of experience, it is a national and international benchmark for innovation and experimentation in structures and materials.

The laboratory is equipped with the most modern facilities and technology, which makes it the center of excellence for the characterization of construction materials (such as concrete, brick, steel, wood, composites or innovative materials), materials chemistry, and large-scale structural testing and monitoring.

The Laboratory of Technology of Structures & Materials also encourages innovation and sustainability in construction. Among the most outstanding studies are those related to the environmental impact of materials and reusing waste as a construction material.


The main teaching activities carried out are:

  • Chemistry (Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and Bachelor's Degree in Public Works).
  • Materials (Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering, Bachelor's Degree in Public Works and Bachelor's Degree in geological Engineering).
  • Bachelor's degree final theses.
  • Master's degree final theses.
  • PhDs.


The main research activities carried out are:

  • Analysis and design of concrete structures.
  • Engineering and construction of bridges.
  • Architectural and manufactured constructions.
  • Metallic and composite structures.
  • Concrete technology, materials and structures.
  • Durability.
  • Reusing waste in construction.