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Work packages

Work packages

Objective 1

Four work packages are proposed:

  • a number table allowing for expedite classifications of buildings and new software allowing drawing, in an automatic way, capacity, fragility and damage functions (WP 1.1)
  • fully probabilistic damage functions for selected building types (WP1.2)
  • protocols and guidelines for vibration measurements, including criteria for buildings instrumentation and for damage diagnosis (WP1.3)
  • a probabilistic risk scenario at urban scale; the case study of the El Eixample district in Barcelona, is proposed (WP1.4).
Objective 2

Two work packages are proposed:

  • lab analyses of quantitative relations between selected soil properties and GPR scans (WP2.1) and,
  • field campaigns to check for the correlations between H/V spectral ratios and GPR field images on selected zones of Barcelona (WP2.2).