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Labs & equipment


Available equipment, devices, resources and supplies


  • Equipment, licensed software, facilities and services of the Geophysics lab (WP1.3, WP2.1 and WP2.2) including acceleration sensors (WP1.3),
  • Shaking table and scaled model of steel building (WP1.3),
  • Equipment, facilities and services of the GPR lab (WP2.1 and WP2.2). In particular, GPR antennas of 25, 100, 250, 500, 800, 1600 and 2200 MHz (WP2.1 and WP2.2),
  • Four desktop PCs (All WP),
  • A computing Server and other hardware and software allowing intensive-high-power-computing and data and results sharing and management (all WP),
  • Other licensed software include:


Budgeted equipment, devices, resources and supplies


  • Thermographic camera (WP1.3 and WP2.1) to monitor lab assays under different temperature conditions,
  • portable GPR Basic control unit CX12 and accessories for field campaigns (WP2.2),
  • central control GPR PROEX unit and accessories for lab assays and field campaigns (WP2.1 and WP 2.2),
  • pulse LAN XI. (hardware-6 channels) and accessories for recording and monitoring the instrumented building assays (WP1.3),
  • two high resolution 27” monitors to be mainly used for image processing (WP1.3, WP 1.4, WP2.1 and WP2.2),
  • two high end laptops: needed in WP1.3 (shake table assays) and in lab (WP2.1) and field (WP2.2) GPR jobs,
  • other small lab equipment and accessories (Instrumented building in WP1.3, GPR lab assays i WP2.1, and field campaigns in WP2.2),
  • software licenses: TreMuri and ETABS (WP1.1 and WP1.2) GPR-slice (WP2.1 and WP2.2),
  • bibliographic material, including books and scientific-technical publications, and
  • the outsourcing of the RAR campaign for WP1.3.