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Research Lines

Atomic computer simulation of the evolution of crystal defects: Plastic deformation and radiation damage.

  • Twinning in hcp metals and alloys: atomic level processes at twin boundaries.
  • Interaction of grain boundaries with bulk dislocations in ferritic steels.
  • Radiation damage: Structure and diffusion of radiation induced defects (RID). Interaction of RID with dislocations and grain boundaires 


Main current research projects (competitive funding)

  • Multiscale Modelling for Fusion & Fission Materials (M4F) Funding: E. C. (EURATOM) 2017-2021 
  • Safe long term operation of light water reactors”(SOTERIA)Funding: E. C. (EURATOM) 2015-2019
  • Procsos Nano-Estructurales en Metales y Aleaciones Asociados a la Deformación Plástica y/o Irradiación. MEyC 2016-2020