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  • S. Sempere, A. Serra, J. Boronat, C. Cazorla, Dislocation Structure and Mobility in HCP Rare-Gas Solids: Quantum versus Classical, Crystals, In press

  • N. Anento, L. Malerba and A. Serra, Edge dislocations as sinks for sub-nanometric radiation induced defects in alpha-iron, J. Nuc. Mater., 498, 341-347

  • D. Terentyev, A.  Bakaev; A. Serra; N. Anento, Grain boundary mediated plasticity studied by MD: the role of grain boundary atomic structure and thermal activation, Scripta Mater, 145, 1-4


  • A. Ostapovets, A. Serra, Slip dislocation and twin nucleation mechanisms in hcp metals, J. Mater. Sci., 52, 533

  • A. Ostapovets, Jiří Buršík, Karel Krahula, Lubomír Král, A. Serra, On the relationship between {1 1 -2 6} and {1 1 -2 2} conjugate twins and double extension twins in rolled pure Mg, Philosophical Magazine, 97 , 1088

  • N. Anento, A. Serra , Yu.N.Osetsky, Effect of Nickel on Point Defects Diffusion in Fe - Ni bcc Alloys, Acta Mater, 132, 367


  • R. C. Pond, J. P. Hirth, A. Serra & D. J. Bacon, Atomic displacements accompanying deformation twinning: shears and shuffles, Materials Research Letters, 4 , 185


  • Y.Osetsky, N.Anento, A.Serra and D.Terentyev, The Role of Nickel in Radiation Damage of Ferritic Alloys, Acta Mater., 84,     368

  • . D. Terentyev, N. Anento, A. Serra, C.J. Ortiz, E.E. Zhurkin, Interaction of He and He–V clusters with self-interstitials and dislocate defects in bcc Fe, J. Nucl. Materials, 458, 11

  • A. Ostapovets, A. Serra, Evolution of Matrix-Twin Interfaces of (10-12) Twin in Magnesium, Acta Phys. Polonica, 128, 661