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Manufacture of Bituminous Mixtures

  • Bituminous mixtures manufacturing equipment: mechanical sieve, manual sieve column, stoves, electronic scales, kneading equipment, etc.
  • Marshall equipment impact compactor
  • Vibratory compactor (plates)
  • Roller compactor
  • Rotary compactor
  • Baths
  • Infrared thermometer

Testing of Bituminous Mixtures

  • 2 MTS servo-hydraulic dynamic press machine with thermostatic chambers
  • Multi-test press machine
  • Large capacity compressor
  • Laboratory track testing equipment
  • 4 point bending test
  • Dynamic module
  • Los Angeles machine
  • Our own tests: UCL, BTD, LCB, Fènix, EBADE

Bituminous Binders and Mastics Tests

  • Bitumen recovery equipment (rotary evaporator)
  • Penetration, softening point, etc.
  • Aging test: RTFOT, PAV
  • Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR)