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Marine Sciences

The UPC-UB-CSIC (High research council) Ph.D. Program in Marine Sciences started as a joint venture between the Department of Harbor, Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering of the Civil Engineering Technical School (UPC) in Barcelona and two research centers of CSIC (Instituto de Ciencias Mar of Barcelona and Centro de Estudios Avanzados of Blanes) in 1986. The University of Barcelona and in particular the Departments of Ecology (Faculty of Biology) and the Department of Stratigraphy, Paleontology and Marine Geosciences (Faculty of Geology) joined this Ph.D. Program in 1988. Later on the Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo of CSIC also joined the program. During this evolution, various university departments and research companies have also joined the Ph.D. Program, together with some external support from foreign universities. All this has contributed to increase the level and quality of the program. The main aim of the Ph.D. Program in Marine Sciences is to educate high level specialists in the different fields that converge into marine sciences/oceanography. The Ph.D. students educated within this program will therefore be able to occupy high level positions in universities, research institutes and advanced technological companies. The offered specialization profiles will allow these students to face the ever increasing complexity of marine conflicts and problems. The joint Ph.D. Program in Marine Sciences, organized by two different universities and three different research centers from CSIC, is the only one within Spain which offers in a combined and synergistic manner the teaching and research capabilities of all the participating centers. These capabilities cover most of the scientific disciplines within marine sciences/oceanography and also span the technological and scientific approaches required by such marine topics. This combination of centers and researchers offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary education of Ph.D. students in marine sciences using the research infrastructure available in Catalunya.

Academic year
  • Starts: October 1st
  • Ends: September 30th
Duration 3 years (full-time) or 5 years (part-time)
Delivery On-campus
Places 10
Official degree Ph.D. Degree in Marine Sciences by the Universitat de Barcelona and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (recorded in the Spanish Ministry of Education's degree register)

When pre-enrolling to the degree, students must choose their dedication, which may be:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time

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More information on grants

Academic coordinator Octavio César Mösso Aranda
Secretariat UPC-Campus Nord
Building C2, Room 202
Phone: +34 934 016 497

Open all year choosing the course.

  • Check that you fulfill all admission requirements.
  • Make sure all your documents are properly legalized.

On-line at UPC's pre-enrolment site.

Who assesses the applications?

The academic committee of the doctoral program is in charge of assessing and admitting the candidates.

  • it prioritizes those applicants having the support of their thesis supervisor.
  • Availability of scholarships or grants is essential.
When will I know if I have been admitted?

Within a month's time since the admission procedure started.

Document generated by this procedure

If you are admitted to the program, the Support Unit to Doctoral Studies of Barcelona School of Civil Engineering will issue the letter of admission.


New doctoral students




At the Support Unit to Doctoral Studies of Barcelona School of Civil Engineering.

Building C-2, 2nd floor
Room 202
08028 Barcelona

  • Ordinary call: From 1st till 31st October.
  • Extraordinary call: From 1st till 28th February.

Former students




At e-Secretaria

  • Ordinary call: From 1st till 31st October.
Documents generated by this procedure
  • Enrolment form (e-Secretaria)
  • Enrolment certificate (e-Secretaria)


Who monitors my work?

The academic committee of the doctoral program is in charge of monitoring the student's work yearly.

  • In June, students update and generate their Doctoral students activity report (DAD) at our virtual platform (Atenea PhD).
  • In July, the thesis supervisor must send the year's assessment report, the DAD and the updated research plan, if necessary.
  • In September, the Academic Committee assesses all students and issues a global assessment.
ATTENTION: Failing to submit the required documents will result in a FAIL score.
When will I know the result?

In September, when the Academic Committee issues the final results, students will receive an email to inform that the records are available at e-Secretaria.

Documents generated by the procedure
  • Official academic record


What is it?

A research plan is a document that briefly defines the research activity that will take place and guides the student through the process.

How do I write it?
When will I submit and defend my research plan?

During the 1st academic year, students must submit their research plan.

On the 2nd academic year, the plan is updated, if necessary, and then publicly defended in front of the assessing pannel.

Public defenses are scheduled within two calls:

  • in June (for students that have enroled for the first time in September).
  • in February (for students that have enroled for the first time in February's extraordinary call).

For specific dates, please contact the secretariat for each program.

What does the public defense entail?

The public defense consists of an oral exposition of the written Research Plan during no more than 20 minutes, followed by a 5-minute time for questioning or commenting on the part of the assessing pannel. The mark will be either "Satisfactory" or "Non satisfactory”. In case of receiving a "Non satisfactory" mark, the Doctoral Commission can offer the student up to 6 months to make the necessary amends.

The assessing pannel will consist of three doctors, two belonging to the Doctoral programme and a third one foreign to the programme. Neither the director of the thesis, nor the supervisor may be part of the pannel.



During the academic course.

ATTENTION: The Support Unit to Doctoral Studies will not formalize thesis registrations on public or local holidays (which includes low-occupancy periods), or school holidays (21st-23th December 2022 and 24th-31th July 2023). Theses registered before September 30th 2023 will be considered part of the 2022-2023 academic year.


To apply for...

  • A change to full- or part-time
  • A change of thesis supervisor
  • An extension
  • A temporary withdrawal

Access the general request area of the UPC electronic site and upload the specific form for each procedure to ED (forms).


For information and procedures on...

  • Co-supervisor
  • Agreements
  • Industrial doctorates
  • Grants
  • Mobility
  • Legalization of documents
  • Equivalences

Please visit the UPC's Doctoral School for more information.

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