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Modelling examples

Examples calculated with CODE_BRIGHT. The examples can be open with GiD.
2018 Atmospheric root_atm.dat example
2018 FEBEX_model (gid)
2020 Boundary conditions variable with time cb2020 (gid)
Example of a problem using the file root_bcf.dat to make a boundary condition variable with time. A time series can be input for any of the boundary condition parameters.
2020 Oedometers_TEP_cb2020 (GiD)
For complex constitutive model calibration it is sometimes necessary to simulate the experiment itself using CODE_BRIGHT. The geometry is simple. Test protocol is described by several intervals. For each interval, the stress changes thus leading to a loading and unloading protocol. During the test, impoundment may occur. Inundation is achieved by a hydraulic boundary condtion change from negative pressure to athmosferic pressure.
2020 Swelling_pressure_test_TEP_cb2020 (GiD)
A swelling pressure test consist in the impoundment of a material subjected to constant volume conditions. The resulting stress that develops due to swelling of the material by reduction of suction is called swelling pressure.
2021 Triaxial_TEP_cb2020 (GiD)
A triaxial test can be easity simulated by a simple 2D geometry plus axisymmetric conditions. The boundary conditions are simple, for lateral surface (line) it is a constant stress (sigma3) and on top of the sample the constant stress (sigma3) is combined by a prescribed displacement rate that induces a variation of stress. Then, sigma1 = sigma3 + increment_sigma. The use of a simulation for a triaxial test calibration is specially necessary when dealing with complex constitutive models (Cam-Clay and BBM).
2022 03 Salt_rock_CB2020 (GiD)
Simple mechanical calculation to show how the creep simple equation can be combined with linear elasticity. Caver convergence may cause surface subsidence.
2022 08 Oedometer_CASM_2022(GiD)
Simulation of an Oedometer test using CASM model.
2022 12 Freezing soil example
This example is based on a freezing experiment. The temperature of a buried pipeline is subjected to -10 C to generate freezing conditions in the surrounding soil. More details about freezing and the incorporation in CODE_BRIGHT can be found in: Nishimura, S., Gens, A., Olivella, S. & Jardine, R. J. (2009). Ge´otechnique 59, No. 3, 159–171 [doi: 10.1680/geot.2009.59.3.159]