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The Probabilistic Seismic Risk (PSR) software is a useful and simple computational tool that allows reducing significantly the computational time involved in the analysis of the expected damage, the fragility and the seismic risk based on the probabilistic approach.

Probabilistic Seismic Risk-PSR, has been developed using MATLAB and its compatible with Windows OS, this application uses last generation developments in seismic risk of structures and is streamlined on four graphical user interfaces modules: 1) Capacity, 2) Damage, 3) Fragility and 4) Risk. The annual exceedance probabilities are obtained for several damage states of the studied buildings and for the seismic hazard of a specific site. PSR is a valuable aid to assess seismic damage and risk from a probabilistic perspective, as the selected methods and algorithms allow significantly reduce the computational effort of massive calculations.


To test the PSR press 

Developed by S.A. Diaz, L.G. Pujades, A.H. Barbat, Y.F. Vargas, L.A. Pinzón (2017)