Laboratory of River Morphodynamics I

Located in Building D1 of UPC-BarcelonaTech's Campus Nord, the Laboratory of Morphodynamics I is part of the Hydraulic, Maritime & Environmental Engineering section of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. It consists of two facilities, called Sediment Ditch (140l/s) and High Slope Canal (0-30o and 50l/s). In the laboratory, reduced-scale models of bridge piers, abutments, submerged panels, macro-roughness are made. Basic concepts such as the beginning of particle movement, bed stability, bed morphodynamics, debris flows, sediment avalanches, dam failure, impulse waves and other important phenomena in natural disasters are studied. Advanced visualization and reconstruction techniques of water and sediment surfaces, ADV speedometers and high-speed cameras are used.


Currently only Bachelor's, Master's and PhD theses and postgraduate projects are carried out.


The main research activities carried out are:

  • Studies of local erosion in various elements of a riverbed. Impulse waves.
  • Characteristics of the runoff flow (debris flow characteristics).
  • Submerged ceilings.
  • Characteristics of the beginning of the movement.