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  • Sand ditch, 9 m long, 2.52 m wide and a maximum flow of 100 l / s.
  • High Slope Channel (CAP):
    9.5m-long channel, with a 0o to 30o slope. From 250cm3/s to 50l/s of computer-automated liquid flow control and up to 1kg/s of solid flow with four sediment diameter control points.
  • High slope fixed channel (3m long), start of runoff.
  • High-speed imaging camera, to detect movement of water sheet, sediment, turbulence, etc.
  • 2 Canon digital cameras
  • 2 GoPro cameras
  • 2W laser (green nm)
  • 3D motion force detection system (Fx, Fy, Fz, M)
  • Pumping system up to 170l/s.