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Laboratory of Environmental Engineering

Located in Building D1 (Underground floor, Room S01 and 1st floor, Room 105) of Campus Nord of UPC-BarcelonaTech, the Laboratory of Environmental Engineering is part of the Hydraulic, Maritime & Environmental Engineering section of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Associated to GEMMA research group, it carries out research and teaching activities in two laboratories, with an area of about 150 m2, which are distributed in a laboratory for the analysis of physicochemical and microbiological parameters, a laboratory of environmental engineering with experimental prototypes and an attached workshop for the manufacture of experimental systems.


The laboratories teach the following courses:

  • Kinetics and hydraulics of the plug flow reactor.
  • Kinetics and hydraulics of the mix flow reactor.
  • Hydraulic granular medium filtration.
  • Mass granular medium filtration.
  • Physical and chemical treatment.
  • Microbiology.


Main research activities carried out in the laboratory:

  • Natural bio-processes and technologies based on algae for wastewater treatment and biomass production.
  • Biogas production from solid waste and biomass.
  • Microbial fuel cells.