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Documents of interest

Time step control
Document on the different option to use automatic time step and the criteria to calculate it
Calculation of the speed-up
Document on the way to determine speed-up for calculations carried out with several processors
Description of the <root>_gen.out file
Document that describes the meaning of the numbers that are written in the file root_gen.out
Presentation atmospheric (ppt)
Document that presents different aspects on the Atmospheric boundary condition
THM discontinuities in 2D-3D v4.pdf
Document on the use of proposed discontinuity concepts to model block contacts
Document on the option to uncouple volumetric strain effects on hydraulics to improve numerical stability
Updated Lagrangian Method
Document that describes qualitatively the Updated Lagrangian Method including a couple of examples
QA documentation
Documents that provide Quality Assurance to CODE_BRIGHT
CANISTER representation for THM problems
Specific recommended properties for the canister to solve THM problems accounting on the interaction with the buffer