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They Directorate Department:


  • Director
Xavier Sànchez Vila
  • Deputy director
Miquel Estrada Romeu
  • Secretary
Sonia Fernández-Méndez


Management has the assistance of a team formed by the six coordinators of each of the sections of the Department:


  • Mathematical and Computational Modelling (MCM)
M. Rosa Estela Carbonell
  • Mechanics, Continuous Media and Structures (MCMS)
Miguel Cervera Ruiz
  • Transport Infrastructure and Territory (TIT)
Miquel Estrada Romeu
  • Hydraulic, Maritime and Environmental Engineering (HMEE)
Octavio Cesar Mosso Aranda
  • Geotechnical Engineering and Geosciences (GEG)
Marcel Hürlimann
  • Structures Technology, Materials and Construction (STMC)
Climent Molins Borrell



To contact the Department and the Secretary of the Department: 

or with the support unit departments and institutes of the Transversal Management Unit Area (UTGAC).